My name is Jur Stans (Jur Costanza) and I create organized chaos on walls, carpets, paintings and prints, based on my own strange memories and rich imagination.

My images (includes my background as a graffiti artist and illustrator clearly visible) are characterized by funny, uncomfortable situations. They can be read as a kind of rebuses in which, if there is an unambiguous solution to the riddle involved, it is one that asks for a chuckle.



  • 2011-2015 Sintlucas, Boxtel
  • 2019 Accademia Di belle Arti, Bologna
  • 2016- 2020 Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam



  • 2022 Art X Maria, Kaapse Maria, Rotterdam
  • 2022 resume tour, Het Archief, Rotterdam
  • 2022 spotlight, Kunstuitleen Rotterdam, Rotterdam
  • 2022 de Aanschouw, de Schouw, Rotterdam
  • 2022 Art Central Rotterdam XL, Supernova Hotel, Rotterdam
  • 2021 Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend, Het Archief. Rotterdam
  • 2021 De Gniffel solo, Het Archief. Rotterdam
  • 2020 Graduationshow, Willem de Kooning academie. Rotterdam
  • 2019 Ababo, Accademia di belle arti. Bologna
  • 2019 We Love Public Space, Mono. Rotterdam
  • 2019 Coolvishandel, ijzerstraat. Rotterdam
  • 2017 Seven eleven, Mono. Rotterdam
  • 2017  Open atelier, Convectiefabriek. Rotterdam
  • 2016 Pitstudio Volume 1, Pitstudio. Rotterdam
  • 2015 Graduationshow, Sintlucas. Boxtel




instagram: @jur.costanza